Major Ministerial Department 

2 mins 25 April 2022

Working with a major Ministerial Department supported by a large number of agencies and public bodies. This leading government department plays a fundamental role in the security and economic prosperity of the UK. With over 40,000 members of staff, the Department delivers operational services, policy and is supported by a wide range of professions.

The challenge

FSP signed up to a challenging timeline – to deliver a legislation and policy-compliant set of M365 workspaces to 90% of the organisation within 12 months.  This initiative underpinned a key element in addressing recommendations of the Windrush Lessons Learned Review ensuring that in the future there is a clear audit trail of policy deliberations and decisions.

This Ministerial Department is a naturally complex environment for change activity comprising multiple organisations and a diverse portfolio of activity. The complexity was amplified by an organisational blueprint change as the first phase of a Transformation Programme, high operational demand, and ongoing remote working for the whole of the project team and the majority of staff in the Department.

Previous rollouts of technology had not concentrated highly on change and adoption activity, and a key lesson was highlighted that focus was required on both the “why” and the “how” of the messaging.  


To build common understanding and joint purpose, project kick off activities focused on a series of joint technical/change workshops.  This supported our ability to work as partners with the in-house team and their external training provider.

A repeatable method for rollout across the organisation was developed which encompassed initial discovery activity, followed by more detailed engagement and pre and post adoption support. 

In parallel with the rollout activity,  we aligned to the internal Transformation programme to gain best effect and delivered:

  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Comprehensive and ongoing communications campaigns
  • Training and guidance materials for owners of SharePoint Sites and MS Teams workspaces 
  • A new online learning site for all guidance material
  • Training for owners of SharePoint and MS Teams
  • A communications site for all information relating to the project
  • A community of digital champions


Teams across the Ministerial Department are gaining the benefits of the collaborative tooling, enabling staff to work more effectively and inclusively, to break down organisational silos, to work effectively in a hybrid environment and meet records management compliance requirements. 

The Department now has strong foundations in place to leverage the tools to support their transformational vision.


  • Recruited, trained and supported a community of 450 Digital Champions 
  • Broad ranging training for owners of SharePoint and MS Teams
  • A new online learning site for all guidance material
  • A comprehensive, and broad ranging, adoption of M365 workspaces