FSP’s latest Microsoft Solution Partner designations

16 November 2022

FSP are proud to have been a Microsoft Partner for over 10 years.  

In October 2022, Microsoft adapted and refined their partner programs and we are pleased to have been awarded the solutions partner designations for:

  • Modern Work  
  • Digital and App Innovation  
  • Data and AI Solutions

Continue reading to find out more about these program changes and what they mean for our clients.

Microsoft’s partner program was renamed as the ‘Microsoft Cloud Partner Program’, to highlight Microsoft’s focus on cloud-first.  Competencies have now been removed and replaced with solution designations to showcase our specific areas of expertise. 

As a member of the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program, we remain at the centre of how Microsoft delivers technologies, transforms businesses, and drives positive client outcomes. As a Solutions Partner across three designated areas, we can ensure that our clients are maximising the benefits that the Cloud has to offer.    

What does this mean for our clients? 

Being a Microsoft Solution Partner assures our clients of the breadth of our skills and expertise, as well as our ability and experience in successfully delivering excellent outcomes for our clients aligned to the Microsoft Cloud.  

While the badges may have changed, our breadth of Microsoft expertise remains. 

Measuring our eligibility 

Eligibility for Solutions Partner designations is based on our partner capability score. Attaining these designations meant meeting tougher, stricter requirements than ever before. 

A partner capability score is a composite score that quantifies the performance of a partner in three categories: 

  • Performance
  • Skilling
  • Customer Success

Tailored expertise for your success

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