Ewan Barraclough – Associate Product Manager

2 mins 22 May 2022

Before I joined FSP three years ago, I was finishing a sales apprenticeship with a small company supplying oil to engineering businesses. Although I gained some invaluable experience into how a business operates and the foundations of working in sales, I knew that this was not the industry I wanted to build a career in.

The improvements and constant innovation in the technology industry, enabled me to realise my interest in exploring a career in this space. I had no real idea or experience of how to go about making it happen and having not gone to university, I found the process of exploring a role without a degree daunting. Also, at the time there were not a lot of organisations that offered entry level roles without IT experience. It was around then, that I was introduced to Simon Grosse, FSP’s CEO, through a mutual friend. I had hoped for a conversation to get some advice, with no real expectations of a job opportunity coming from it. However, after getting on well, he decided to take a chance on me and offer me an opportunity that many businesses wouldn’t have.

Since joining FSP, I have worked in a number of different areas already. This has given me the opportunity to explore what kind of role I am passionate about and would best suit my skills. For a large part of my early career at FSP, I worked with Pete Grosse on our employee engagement & feedback tool, Pulse 360. My focus here was on client acquisition and success, as well as helping to drive the product roadmap. I gained invaluable experience in this time and was able to really hone in on my passion for client experience. I now work primarily on client experience, ensuring projects are being delivered efficiently and we are providing the best service possible for our clients. More recently, I have been responsible for implementing multiple channels that gather and act on client feedback, such as our NPS survey tool.

Outside of my everyday responsibilities, FSP has given me lots of opportunities to expand my skillset. From public speaking and presenting to the leadership team, to building relationships with clients and not to mention, having the chance to complete several training programmes in commercial and client success. For me, FSP has been the perfect place to start my career journey and I cannot thank the team enough for the opportunities presented to me. I am excited about what is to come next and how I can continue to develop my skills and provide even more value to our clients and to the organisation.