Leading Defence Supplier

2 mins 24 May 2022

Working with a leading defence supplier who provide a wide range of products and services, to the Ministry of Defence, Armed Forces and Security Agencies. 

The challenge

The organisation is embarking on a significant digital transformation programme that will modernise both their systems and working practices as it moves towards a more agile way of working, and looks to implement Industry 4.0 aligned practices in its manufacturing facilities. 


FSP worked with this large organisation to define the overall application and major systems strategy to provide the underpinning platforms that will enable a digital transformation. In addition, we are working with the IT FSP worked with this large organisation to define the major systems and application strategy to enable a digital transformation.  Working inconjunction with the IT function, a full service transformation exercise has been undertaken to create a set of services that will fully support the new environments that will be deployed. This includes leadership coaching and support, delivery of a people strategy along with the definition of a new operating model. 

The outcome

By carrying out this work, FSP have helped this organisation to confidently undertake a major set of changes over the coming years utilising modern cloud-based technologies that remain compliant with the security and information handling requirements of a defence provider. The organisation will have a significantly more capable and appropriate suite of technology platforms, underpinned by a refreshed set of IT services that will operate in true partnership with the business to drive ongoing success.