Emma Patterson – Commercial Support Manager

2 mins 5 April 2022

When I emerged from education in the early 80s (complete with shoulder pads and big hair), looking for a stellar career, I fell into the world of IT, which was then very much in its infancy – there were no PCs, internet or mobile phones. 

What followed over the subsequent forty years has been a rollercoaster, the only guarantee being that no two days are ever the same. There has always been something new to learn and many complex decisions to make as I progressed through various roles, with incredible companies such as HP, Microsoft and Business Objects.

After many years working in IT sales, I decided to return to university to study photography, determined to eschew the fast-paced, target-busting world of software sales, and photography became my new career. 

However, fate intervened and in 2014, during an assignment to take portrait photographs of FSP employees for their website, I found myself inside the Reading HQ of this small but beautifully formed IT Consultancy.  From the moment I walked in and was greeted warmly by the co-founders Simon Grosse and Simon Walker, I was hooked and knew instantly that I wanted to work there – to learn from these charismatic and inspirational leaders.   

Eight years later, watching how FSP has grown organically and gathered exceptionally talented people on the way, has been an amazing experience and it has been a privilege to be a part of.  Everyone at FSP has an equal voice, encouraged to share their opinions and ideas, knowing they will be treated with consideration and respect, trusted to always do the right thing for our clients and their businesses. 

I have been allowed and encouraged to utilise my skills and experience; always being empowered to take charge of my own destiny and carve out a path that is beneficial to FSP, our clients and me.