Ivan Sangines – Technical Architect

1 min 21 May 2022

My experience working in FSP has been a very enriching and rewarding one. I joined FSP in 2016 as a Software Developer in Barcelona, when there were only 31 employees within the organisation at the time. I’ve been pleased to see how, both myself and FSP, have evolved and grown.

FSP helped me move from Barcelona to Reading in 2018 and I’ve transitioned from Software Developer to Lead Developer and then to Technical Architect/Technical Lead. In that time, I’ve worked on different types of projects, technologies and clients. Currently, I’m leading a multifunctional team of five – what a journey!

FSP has a great culture, strong values and is focused on its people, which is something I really value. The work culture is dynamic, with plenty of growth and learning opportunities for those who strive for excellence and where you are the owner of your destiny.

No wonder it continues to be listed in the ‘Best Workplaces’ list year after year and I’m sure this trend will continue in the future.